Month: September 2021

Funding advocacy project 2019-20

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Activities / Funding advocacy

In 2019-20 the Union wrote to research funding bodies around the world regarding priorities for funding fashion and sustainability research. These 31 organisations were sourced from the Union membership. The letter was signed by the full membership of the Union at the time. Initially letters were sent in June 2019, with follow up letters sent in January 2020. This initiative arose from a perceived overemphasis on research funding directed at technical solutions to fashion and […]

UCRF – Member of the Month – Anupama Pasricha

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Member of the Month

UCRF is running a ‘Member of the Month’ feature on this blog, where a member, selected at random from the membership database, is sent five questions to give us all an overview of our members. Our ninth participant is Anupama Pasricha. > How would you sum up your research / practice? My research, teaching, advocacy, and design focus on systems and holistic thinking. It spans from sustaining self, community, and planet. This article gives a […]