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What do we call a word glossary with an aim to change systems?

Words. We use them so freely. We use them every day to communicate. But words are not mere descriptors. They are part of a journey that indicates our history and has a power to foretell our future. Language matters. Words affect us. They empower us. They educate us. They have the power to trigger change. We create a vocabulary with these words. 

Since April this year, some of our members have  taken the task of compiling a living word book of terms we use in fashion every day. Though the primary language of this compendium is English, we are delving into the origin of such words, in different native languages used by our members too. Do share your comments on this task. 

What would we call the product of an exercise of this nature …?

UCRF Companion to Systems Change 
UCRF Companion of Fashion Keywords
UCRF Keywords of Systems Change
Clavis: UCRF Companion of Systems Change in Fashion*
*Clavis – a key or glossary serving as an aid to interpretation

Vote on these names or suggest one yourself.


  1. I suppose it really depends on what the glossary will comprise. Will it include general terms (technical, cultural, etc.)? Or will the focus be on words related to the transition that is needed?

    And whom will it be intended for (industry folks, student, the general public)?

  2. My favourite is the one from Julia Lockheart. “A FASHION GLOSSARY FOR CHANGE”.

  3. If the intent for this glossary is universal understanding and usage, I feel only “Keywords of System Change” is termed in accessible language, accommodating people of all ages and abilities, including those with cognitive disabilities, people with low literacy skills, and speakers of English as a foreign language. All other terms are academic and/or abstract, IMHO.

    I like:
    “A Fashion Glossary for Change” – Julia Lockheart
    “Fashion System Keywords” – john thackara
    “Keywords for Fashion Change” – Yamê Reis

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