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Announcing a Themed Local Assembly in Oslo

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A twist on the usual UCRF Local Assembly format, this themed Local Assembly will concentrate on textile fibres. Points for discussion can be tabled by any UCRF member in advance or raised on the day. Theme: Textile fibres, key themes and challenges Date: 8 March 2022Time: 8am – 9:30am local time. Light refreshments will be available.Location: OsloMet, Oslo, NorwayAddress: Stensberggata 26, 0170 Oslo The Local Assembly gathering will be in-person, but the themes for discussion […]

Declaración sobre la COP26

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La emergencia climática es una amenaza existencial para la vida en la Tierra.  En el período previo a las negociaciones sobre el cambio climático de la COP26 en Glasgow, UCRF subraya temas clave que considera críticos para que el sector de la moda avance hacia este nuevo e impredecible período: Activar enfoques de sistemas completos Las respuestas más poderosas son aquellas que comienzan considerando el propósito, el alcance, la gobernanza, los objetivos y las reglas […]

UCRF – Member of the Month – Miguel Angel Gardetti

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Member of the Month

UCRF is running a ‘Member of the Month’ feature on this blog, where a member, selected at random from the membership database, is sent five questions to give us all an overview of our members. Our tenth participant is Miguel Angel Gardetti. >How would you sum up your research / practice? Given the civilizational crisis produced by the Western system -with an anthropocentric, reductionist, modernist, colonial, capitalist and materialist logic of growth-, I have integrated […]

Communiqué from Local Assembly Alaska

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The Alaska local assembly took place at the Museum of Anchorage on 4th October 2021. Sixteen participants joined, including museum staff, local businesses and designers. Most participants were born in Alaska, and all participants lived in Alaska. The list of attendees was not industry specific and a range of backgrounds was represented by participants, including a nationally renowned textile artist, an Inupiat fashion designer and 5th generation skin sewer, local designers and re-designers, small scale makers, […]

UCRF Statement on COP26

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The climate emergency is an existential threat to life on Earth. In the run-up to the COP26 climate change negotiations in Glasgow, UCRF underscores key themes that it sees as critical for the fashion sector moving forward into this new and unpredictable period: Activate whole systems approachesThe most powerful responses are those that start by considering the purpose, scope, governance, goals and rules of the fashion system. UCRF advocates that the fashion system purpose is […]