Call out for names of funders from around the world – can you help?

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UCRF is compiling a list of names and addresses of funding organisations who offer grants to fund projects about fashion and/or sustainability from around the world.

These organisations might be traditional funding councils, where the grants are from public money, or they may be trusts, foundations or many more things besides.

Our goal is to build a dialogue with funding organisations about the need to support a diversity of projects, including those that deal with systems change and the long term.

We would like to gather the following information:

  1. Name of funding organisation
  2. Website of funding organisation
  3. Email address of contact at the funder (if available)
  4. Short description of the areas the funder typically supports
  5. Type of organisation, eg. funding council, trust, foundation etc
  6. Country
  7. Language(s) funding applications can be submitted in

Email it to us here. Thank you for your help!

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