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Declaración sobre la COP26

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La emergencia climática es una amenaza existencial para la vida en la Tierra.  En el período previo a las negociaciones sobre el cambio climático de la COP26 en Glasgow, UCRF subraya temas clave que considera críticos para que el sector de la moda avance hacia este nuevo e impredecible período: Activar enfoques de sistemas completos Las respuestas más poderosas son aquellas que comienzan considerando el propósito, el alcance, la gobernanza, los objetivos y las reglas […]

Funding advocacy project 2019-20

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Activities / Funding advocacy

In 2019-20 the Union wrote to research funding bodies around the world regarding priorities for funding fashion and sustainability research. These 31 organisations were sourced from the Union membership. The letter was signed by the full membership of the Union at the time. Initially letters were sent in June 2019, with follow up letters sent in January 2020. This initiative arose from a perceived overemphasis on research funding directed at technical solutions to fashion and […]

Process for setting up a UCRF working group

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This document sets out guidelines for members of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion in setting up a working group. All UCRF’s activities should support its manifesto and adhere to the UCRF Code of Conduct.  This includes that: UCRF is a platform for collective action and not for self-promotion. This also means that individuals or collectives, whether founders, board members or members, cannot use UCRF as a platform for financial gain or furthering of […]

Update from the glossary working group

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At the glossary working group, this month we were explorers of the word “sustainability”. We also dug into our cultures to pick out the equivalent of the English word “sustainability” in our various languages. These included: Hindi (सम्पोशनियाता Samposhaniyata), Turkish, Romanian, Hebrew, German (Nachhaltigkeit) and Swedish (hållbarhet). We are brainstorming how the word would develop and evolve in future. We thank UCRF members for their participation and imaginative suggestions for a name for this project. We will […]

A question from the glossary working group

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What do we call a word glossary with an aim to change systems? Words. We use them so freely. We use them every day to communicate. But words are not mere descriptors. They are part of a journey that indicates our history and has a power to foretell our future. Language matters. Words affect us. They empower us. They educate us. They have the power to trigger change. We create a vocabulary with these words.  Since April this year, some of […]