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I signed this manifesto because…

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The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion’s founding document is its manifesto. This, our rallying call to like-minded individuals, invites people to support the Union by putting their name to the manifesto and saying why these actions matter. Their responses speak volumes. Last year, shortly after founding the Union, we published an initial selection. Here is an inspiring selection from more recently joined members: “My interest, passion and occupation is in sustainable fashion. I am […]

Melbourne Local Assembly Communique

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Blogroll / Local Assemblies

On 29th February, a UCRF Local Assembly took place in Melbourne, Australia. The group sent the following list of keywords as part of its Communiqué back to the Union at large and a summary, available to download as a pdf. Much gratitude to the Melbourne participants and to Ania and Alia for facilitating! KEYWORDS, group 1: End of Capitalism; Down scale/ Slow Down; De-Growth; Movement; Leadership- charisma and power; Government Policy – advocacy; Changing perceptions.  […]

Report from the Wikipedia Editathon 2020

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Activities / Blogroll / Wiki-editathon

Some days on the digital battlefields are tougher than others. This year, the engaged contributors to the UCRF Wikipedia Editathon ran into some over-zealous encyclopedia editors in a struggle over correct citation forms and phrasing. However, as the dust settled, substantive improvements are now abundant, not least more references to peer-reviewed research and links to new sources.  As a contributor, one has to accept that Wikipedia is a work-in-progress, especially sections on rapidly evolving and […]

Open UCRF insignia, buttons and banners

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Blogroll / Wiki-editathon

To activate change, it is good to have your presence noticed in the wider community. It is also powerful to have symbols and processes for like-minded people to gather around. At UCRF, and inspired by labour and trades unions, some members at Parsons made a banner a few months ago to take on climate protests. As the photo shows, the banner of the Parsons-chapter got a rather eccentric touch.  Why not make your own banner? […]