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On 30 November 2019, the event Local Futures: Local Fibres took place organised as a Local Assembly. Huge gratitude and respect for all those who participated and for the facilitators who have also put together this report.

Vancouver Local Assembly

The event started with an activity called ‘Quilted Discourse,’ where groups had two assigned topics with a series of questions to help guide the conversations. After each topic of discussion we asked the participants to draw or make notes of whatever stood out to them in the discussions on squares of paper. The papers were later scanned and laser etched onto denim that was donated by a local business. The squares were then sewn into a quilted tapestry that symbolize the discourse generated at our meetup around sustainability, community and textiles.

Quilt tapestry

Group discussion summary is available here.

Be sure to check out the especially rich points of discussion outcomes and the Local Action Plan!

Post-growth discussions

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