Conference announcement: Sustainable Fashion Research Agenda, 13th May 2019

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The Sustainable Fashion Research Agenda conference (SFRA) is a Danish initiative driven by the urgent need for providing a more public and extrovert voice for research, as current industry claims about progress towards sustainable fashion are often anecdotal in nature and not supported by scientific evidence. In effect, the messages about the current state of sustainable fashion are aspirational at best and greenwashing at worst. Small-scale projects are elevated into global trends even though it is questionable whether these niche initiatives will ever have an impact on the social and environmental footprint of the industry as a whole. Actually, quite a few trends point in the opposite direction.

The aim of the SFRA conference is to provide an evidence-based platform for discussing the current state of affairs when it comes to sustainable fashion. SFRA invites international experts (researchers, NGO’s and companies) to share knowledge on what we actually KNOW today about sustainable fashion, whether it comes to circularity, sustainable fibers, or sustainability and use. The ambition is also to set an agenda for future research on sustainable fashion, which will be shared internally and externally.

The conference will take place two days before the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, on the 13th of May 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Find a tentative programme and information about registration here

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  1. Rakhi Wahee Pratap says

    Dear Ma’am,
    I am a faculty with National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. We were fortunate to have you during our conference in 2018 (Delhi). As a research scholar in sustainable design, I have a bend towards the subject. I would like to get associated with a workshop or similar program related to the subject for deeper involvement. Kindly share information related to a collaborative project….Regards,

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