I signed this manifesto because…

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The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion’s founding document is its manifesto. This, our rallying call to like-minded individuals, invites people to support the Union by putting their name to the manifesto and saying why these actions matter. Their responses speak volumes. Here is a flavour of them:

“I worked in the apparel industry for 25 years and saw first hand the manufacturing processes, supply chain realities and consumer habits. They need to change.”

“Look deep in your soul, step outside yourself, there are no new seasons in the abyss.”

“As an undisciplined researcher, I support this initiative that values pluralism in the forms of research to favour the care of Planet Earth and its creatures, and that, in this case, from the field of fashion, supports initiatives that values the thoughts and feelings of indigenous traditions and their worlds and the Global South. Also out of respect and affinity with the ideas of several of my colleagues who signed this Manifesto before me, I identify myself with the meaning of fashion as a verb that implies: to elaborate in particular ways.
I do care!”

“Incremental change is not enough.”

“The researchers around the world DO need to get more organised (and less competitive to each other!). Key to success lies in bringing all different competences to the table, so that the compiled strength clearly address ALL aspects of fashion. No more only Designers, no more technology and chemical scientist operating in silos, let’s include the LCA folks and so on.”

“Because going toward that Transformation mainly means that we must begin to consider Sustainability in relation to Solidarity. Because without Solidarity with all human beings, we won’t be able to “sustain” any new model of prosperity in which the use of our planet’s resources and the redistribution of wealth are commensurate with the increase in the world’s population, allowing for placation of the turmoil and wars that are presently igniting too many parts of the world.”

“Fashion has become unfashionable.”