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On 29th February, a UCRF Local Assembly took place in Melbourne, Australia. The group sent the following list of keywords as part of its Communiqué back to the Union at large and a summary, available to download as a pdf. Much gratitude to the Melbourne participants and to Ania and Alia for facilitating!

KEYWORDS, group 1:

End of Capitalism; Down scale/ Slow Down; De-Growth; Movement; Leadership- charisma and power; Government Policy – advocacy; Changing perceptions. 

KEYWORDS, group 2:

Values; Planet and people put ahead of profit; Symbiocene; Atonement; Decolonialisation; Complete Animal Liberation; Feminisms; Mutual Responsibility. 

KEYWORDS, group 3:

Localism; New roles and Practices; Disruption of current system; Multi- stakeholder participation- beyond fashion silos; Inclusivity; Food waste as innovative materials. 

All photographs by Dylan Birchall.

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  1. Marina McGrath says

    I’m a Melbourne-based fashion and textiles teacher at Kangan Institute and I would love to join your group. I’m undertaking a research fellowship through ISS Institute and heard of this group when I was visiting the University of Birmingham and thrilled to find a Melbourne group set up.

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