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To activate change, it is good to have your presence noticed in the wider community. It is also powerful to have symbols and processes for like-minded people to gather around. At UCRF, and inspired by labour and trades unions, some members at Parsons made a banner a few months ago to take on climate protests. As the photo shows, the banner of the Parsons-chapter got a rather eccentric touch. 

Why not make your own banner? The UCRF Board encourages members to consider making a banner, stickers or badges. It has been our experience that the production of union insignia not merely functions as a symbolic event, but encourages a spirit of collaboration, shared reflection and community building. 

As a start, we have made a simplified UCRF logo so that it can be used for embroidery, badges etc in a zipped folder HERE. Also included are the source files for the union text and logo and we encourage members to design and craft their own member insignia. It is our hope this could offer a very basic tool towards wider collaborations between union members, together with the upcoming yearly Wikipedia editathon and the production of our collaborative glossary. Note the name of the font used in the UCRF logo is “Amster.”

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