Oslo Local Assembly + Seminar, 11th September 2019

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Join us for a gathering of Union members and other interested parties at Oslomet on 11th September in Oslo. Hosted by SIFO (Consumption Research Norway) and Oslomet and facilitated by Kate Fletcher, the Assembly will discuss urgent questions and issues around fashion and sustainability linked to UCRF’s manifesto. It will be organised using Open Space methodology.

The Assembly will be preceded by a seminar on fashion, design and sustainable consumption called Practices of Change.

Practices of Change speakers:
– Kate Fletcher (Professor at Centre for Sustainable Fashion) – Fashion, Food & Change
– Ingun Grimstad Klepp (Research Professor at Consumption Research Norway (SIFO), Oslomet) – 80 år med forskning på klær og mat til nytte for den norske forbruker. Bruk av kunnskap i endringsarbeid
– Else Skjold (Associate Professor at the Design School Kolding) – Sustainability in the Danish fashion education

11th September 2019; 12:30 – 15:30
Pilestredet 46 (P46); room: Athene 2 (PA110)
Oslo, Norway.

The event is free. But registration is required before September 4th here