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UCRF Board is happy to draw the UCRF membership’s attention to a recently (soon to be) launched campaign, PayUp Fashion. UCRF supports PayUp Fashion because it outlines a new roadmap for worker engagement, developed by the workers themselves.

because it outlines a new vision for the fashion industry that centers garment worker voices, elevates worker rights as the centerpiece of fashion’s rebuild, and lays out concrete, actionable steps for change developed by the workers themselves.

PayUp Fashion is the next phase of the highly successful #PayUp campaign, which won $20 billion for garment workers from brands and retailers who cancelled orders since March. This new phase of the campaign amplifies the often overlooked and dismissed voices of workers and demands that brands and retailers not just #PayUp, but also commit to living wages, transparency binding agreements, and to ensuring that workers have a seat at the table when supply chain issues are discussed and negotiated.  

In doing so, PayUp Fashion displaces the dominance of industry-led marketing for sustainability and broadens the public’s understanding of what a transformed fashion industry could look like and how to get there.

UCRF has long questioned the capacity of brand lead actions to truly transform the fashion sector.  Who better than the workers themselves, to develop a new roadmap for worker engagement?

See more details below:

PayUp Fashion grew out of The #PayUp Movement, which responded to the fashion industry’s catastrophic decision to refuse payment for completed orders heading into the COVID-19 pandemic. Strengthened by the power of social media, the #PAYUP movement went viral, reaching 4MM citizens, garnering the support of over 272k citizens and unlocking an estimated $1 billion for suppliers in Bangladesh and $22 billion globally.

#PayUp is one of the most successful labor rights campaigns in the history of the fashion industry.  

Yet, many brands and retailers still refuse to #PayUp, and fashion’s most essential workers remain on the brink of starvation and homelessness. 

PayUp Fashion has just been launched with the support from advocacy groups worldwide to reform the fashion industry and give a voice to those traditionally left out of the conversation. The PayUp fashion petition centers around workers, citizens and the planet and demands 7 actions from 40 of the world’s largest brands and retailers including Walmart, Nike, Gap, Asos, and PVH. 

These companies were selected because they hold the power to change the future of labor rights and environmental standards for the entire industry.

The campaign holds brands accountable to:

1.     #PayUp
2.     Keep Workers Safe
3.     Go Transparent
4.     Give Workers Center Stage 
5.     Sign Enforceable Contracts
6.     End Starvation Wages
7.     Help Pass Laws

Partnering Organizations include:

Remake, Owl Swap, AWAJ Foundation, Custom Collaborative, Fair Wage Network, The Fashion and Race Database, Garment Worker Center, Stand Up Movement Lanka, Union of Concerned Researched in Fashion (UCRF).

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  1. Karishma says

    I am a huge advocate of this campaign as I grew up surrounded by a thriving garment sector and hundreds of thousands of garment workers in South Africa .

    My key reason for leaving the glittery world of been a designer for SA largest clothing conglomerate was the inequality, gender biases and harassment cases in factories that made our clothes . Sadly , women of color didn’t have much to stand on during this time and vulnerably continued to work despite these appalling conditions . When as designers we asked about these conditions , we were often hushed and told to follow our paths .

    I am thrilled and thankful for this work @ remake .

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