Process for setting up a UCRF working group

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This document sets out guidelines for members of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion in setting up a working group.

All UCRF’s activities should support its manifesto and adhere to the UCRF Code of Conduct

This includes that:

UCRF is a platform for collective action and not for self-promotion. This also means that individuals or collectives, whether founders, board members or members, cannot use UCRF as a platform for financial gain or furthering of one’s own agenda.

Practical requirements:
– The working group members are members of UCRF. If special expertise is required, a guest can be invited into an occasional meeting. 
– The working group is open to all UCRF members.
– Working groups need to be scheduled so that they are genuinely accessible to all members (this may mean rotating meeting times), and they should use language that is accessible. 
– The working group shares insights with UCRF as a whole through regular reports to share as blog posts on the UCRF website.

Working groups that do not adhere to the UCRF purpose and Code of Conduct, will be asked to convene outside of UCRF.

How to start a group:
Any member can propose a new working group by making a proposal to the UCRF board, info@concernedresearchers/org. This should include:

  1. The purpose of the working group and expected benefit in terms of meeting the UCRF’s manifesto
  2. How the working group intends to address this purpose
  3. How long the working group will exist for (indefinite is also ok)
  4. How the working group will track and measure how its intent/purpose is met
  5. Which external expertise may be invited into occasional meetings, if any.

Members who wish to start a group can place a Small ad (an email to membership) to check interest with other members before making a proposal.

The UCRF board will review the proposal at its regular monthly meetings. When the board has agreed to the set up of a new working group, an invitation will be sent out to all members. A group email will also be set up as required.

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