Report from the Wikipedia Editathon 2020

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Some days on the digital battlefields are tougher than others. This year, the engaged contributors to the UCRF Wikipedia Editathon ran into some over-zealous encyclopedia editors in a struggle over correct citation forms and phrasing. However, as the dust settled, substantive improvements are now abundant, not least more references to peer-reviewed research and links to new sources. 

As a contributor, one has to accept that Wikipedia is a work-in-progress, especially sections on rapidly evolving and controversial fields such as fashion. However, as the site is the first go-to source for people curious of topics new to them, Wikipedia remains one of the most important databases for connecting to scientific research. We would encourages members to add references and links to research articles and other sources on Wikipedia, to better help disseminate a more nuanced and science-based debate around sustainability. If you feel sources are missing on Wikipedia, please add them to help move the field forward!

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