We invite you to sign the UCRF manifesto and become part of the community of concerned researchers in fashion. The membership fee is GBP 20 per year, and our membership year runs from 1 February to 31 January. If you join UCRF in the second six months of the membership year, your membership will run to the end of the following membership year. We use an online service, Wild Apricot, to manage our members’ details and payments via Paypal.

If payment of this fee is a barrier to you joining UCRF (for example, because you are a full-time student, unemployed or precariously employed), your fee will be waived; you will find this option on the membership form. If you are in a country where Paypal is not accepted and would otherwise pay the membership fee, we ask that you select the ‘fee waiver’ option and make a donation equivalent to 20 GBP to a charity of your choice.

To sign the manifesto and join the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, please complete the membership form.

Please note that by signing up you are agreeing to your name, organisation/affiliation and country appearing on the list of signatories on the website, and that the reasons given for signing the manifesto may, at some point, be published. We encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions as you consider joining.

Existing members If you are already a member of UCRF, visit our new member-only website, which has a member directory and details of how to get involved in our working groups and other various activities. You can also update your member profile.

To cancel your membership If you would like to cancel your membership and leave UCRF, please contact us. Please note that membership fees for the remainder of the membership year will not be refunded. If you cancel your membership, we will remove all of your personal data from our records.

Use of the membership fee: In 2021, membership fees will be used for recurring costs including the website domain, hosting, Wild Apricot service, videoconferencing and Paypal fees; to boost our fund for the expansion of the UCRF website; and, according to priorities agreed by the Board during the year, running costs for other activities such as administrative support for Local Assemblies. UCRF is a non-profit organisation and the Board and members participate in meetings and projects on a pro bono basis. Details of income and expenditure are shared with members at the Annual General Meeting.