Update from the UCRF Reading Group

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The UCRF reading group opened its digital doors on 30th April 2021. With the participation of 17 attendees, the first gathering explored how to create an activist knowledge ecology in order to foster critical thinking and build collective consciousness. Reflecting on the UCRF’s manifesto and code of conduct, we discussed how to diversify the voices and ensure social and environmental justice in and across fashion value chains so we could move beyond resource depletion toward a paradigm change.

The group will continue facilitating an inclusive conversation by approaching fashion from multiple facets and disciplines that can then inform, influence and inspire a diverse range actors to undertake actions. The group will adopt a tidal schedule to accommodate participation from all time zones. 

Thank you to those who were part of the first meeting of this exciting and informing group – and let us know if you would like to join or if you wish to receive further information.

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